Thursday, August 14, 2008

Journal Entry Wed. 7/9/08

Yesterday and today we were at the orphanage again. Yesterday I painted the canteen/ cafeteria green. We got FanIce after lunch from some ladies down the road who went and bought it for us from a wholesale store. I met my other host brother Patrick when I got home. Patrick is 24 and just completed college. We sat talking for a long time and I think we get along pretty well. I'm amazed how well I fit into their family! We shared music and "watched" the Sound of Music with Fafa.
Today we all met at the junction again. The same beggar kids were there again. I have a feeling we will be seeing them all week and next. I don't want to give them money, but i do want to buy them a toy or some mangoes or something. I feel bad denying them every time. Maybe i will buy a bunch of mangoes for cheap so i can win my bet with Robb that I can get a mango for 20 peswas. (I actually did end up buying mangos for them towards the end of the 2nd week. I didn't fulfill my bet though!) At the orphanage I taught in the same class again. The teacher was sick or something and wasn't there at all. We were good for awhile but after some time it fell apart. Kids were getting up, leaving the room, talking. A fight even started between 2 of the boys! We couldn't wait for lunch break to come!!
It's nice feeling so wanted and loved by all of the kids. Some people tried teaching the little kids about hygiene; their bathroom used to be disgusting until some of the boys nuked it and it still is pretty bad. I tried to buy mangos; got close to my goal: 3=1 cedi, so 1= 33 pesewas. So I bought 3 and gave 2 to other people. Before lunch, one little girl brought me into her classroom, the youngest group. Two guy teachers were in there tracing coloring sheets. They had me sit down and I ended up being the only obroni in there. They kept pushing me to go with them for lunch or down to see the river and if I sang and where I lived and how old I was etc. They made me feel very awkward and uncomfortable! I had to trace a coloring sheet and the kept probing for info and called me pretty girl from California. I ended up saying I needed to find my bag and that lunch was being served to my group in order to get out of there. I was so relieved to leave! (It turns out that these guys harrassed a bunch of the girls in our AFS group too including Rebecca our team leader. They were very persistent!)
I came home with Patrick today. He pretended not to know me at the bus stop and he almost confused me! But fortunately I recognized him! When we got home the power and water were both off. It came back on then turned off again not too much later. It was pretty dark in the house and we could only find 1 lantern that worked by using our phone and ipod lights. Patrick doesn't usually live in the house so he didn't know where anything was. It made me laugh.

Yesterday Ben pretended Pinky had died and told me so on our bike ride home from Costal Junction. I believed him but when I asked Fafa at home she told me it was a lie! And. Today he hid my tennis shoes. I am going to have to get him back. Patrick told me to steal and hide his bluetooth controller for his Xbox wireless remote. Tomorrow I am definitely going to! I'm looking forward to seeing his face when I get home!

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