Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Journal Entry Fri. 7/4/08

This morning had warm cold cereal for breakfast....kinda weird, but ok. They didn't have regular milk so Fafa used the canned cream stuff with hot water. Got to the office early for once! but 5 or 6 other people were late. Grr. We didn't leave until 11:30 instead of 9:30. Went to the first President Kwame Nkrumah's memorial and an African culture museum. The people in our trotro learned not to bargain with the street vendors who came up to the car unless they really wanted what was being sold. When we got back I thought I would get picked up on time, but it turned out that I had to wait at the junction for Uncle Ben. I didn't get there until 4 or 5ish. Then I had to wait with a chocolate/ cell phone credit venodr lady named Ester. I think Ghanaians are the most friendly people I have ever met. Nowhere in the US would a random person off of the street sit and talk and make sure a strange foreign kid didn't get in trouble. Ester was very nice and said she would teach me Twi every morning when I am dropped off there to wait for the bus. (Looking back I never really did talk with Ester again, because we would wait on the other side of the street and often would arrive earlier than her. I wish I had had a chance to talk with her more) After Ben picked me up we met Fafa at her prom. Unfortunately I didn't have a chance to change clothes so I went to prom in my capris and Toms shoes and T shirt!! Everyone was all dressed up and fancy and I wasn't! But, it was ok because Erin and Rebecca (my AFS friends) joined us with their host sisters. Pretty slow to begin with becuase there weren't many people, but once the food came out it was good. (now that I know about Ghanaian time....and by the way prom started at 6, we didn't eat til 9:30, and didn't dance until 10. Prom ended at 11:30!!) We finally got dancing towards the end of the night, but not much time was left. The 3 of us got asked to dance, but only for about 15 minutes because the dance ended! All in all it was a pretty good day, minus the horrible prom outfit!

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