Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Back in the States

So now I'm back home. I've missed my family and friends a lot. Can't wait to tell you all about everything. Sorry I didn't blog more, but there wasn't much free time to go to an internet cafe, and when i did go to one a bunch of time was taken up checking emails and the like. I think I might go through my journal and publish bits and pieces of it so you can have a taste of what my trip really was like. obviously it won't be in real time, but better late than never right?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

one week left

so this coming week we are going traveling around to some of ghanas major landmarks. kumasi, cape coast and the elmina slave castles. we are all excited to go shopping in kumasi because everything is supposedly cheaper there. this past week we worked at the frafraha christ faith foster home. it was totally different than peace and love, but a good experience none the less. i went clubbing this friday night, which started off pretty weird, but ended up being really fun. i think we might go again next weekend. i miss all my friends and family back home a lot, but i only have a week left and i am going to make the most of it. today i am going to be measured by my aunt who is a fashion designer so that she can make me some clothes. im excited! well i only have 2 mins left on the computer so ill try to write later.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

in Ghana at an internet cafe

so this is my first post actually in ghana. i havent had much time to come and sit at an internet cafe and blog. i have been pretty busy at the orphanage and going places with my family. at the peace and love orphanage and academy we did some teaching and painting and sewing and cleaning. the last day we played soccer with the kids there and gave them a bunch of gifts from everyone. it was cool just playing games and sitting and talking with the kids there.
my family is really cool. i feel like i really fit it well. we joke around and laugh a lot. especially me and my brother Ben who's 15. we always play pranks on each other. i cooked gnocchi for my family yesterday and they seemed to like it a lot. Ghanaian food is very rich and always includes meat. not quite used to it yet since we eat a lot of vegetables at home.
went to prom with fafa. pretty similar to our prom except that people showed up like, 2 hours late. which is a great example of ghanaian time. also went to the market with fafa and met her aunt and uncle. i will have more to say later but ben is reading over my shoulder so i am going to cut it short.