Friday, August 1, 2008

Journal Entry Thurs. 7/3/08

so yesterday we learned how to ride the trotros. quite an experience, but not hard to do. they're basically just a mini bus/ large van that drives the same route over and over. imagine a large really crappy van with the door partly falling off, filled as full a possible with people, smelling like b.o. and bodies and who knows what else and put it on the indiana jones ride at disney land and there's your trotro experience! They were do-able though...and entertaining. We visited the University of Ghana at Legon with Edmund one of the volunteers and walked the campus. $800 a year for tuition!! we had Twi lessons later...pretty hard to pronounce., hopefully i'll get it later. we also exchanged our money for Ghanaian Cedis. their money is so much cooler than ours. i'm hoping to get some cool clothes made for me here. ate fish head for dinner. not many people tried it, but i like it. pretty fishy, but good. i'm glad the food hasn't been too spicy so far. last night we stayed up pretty late. Taught people how to play Nervous, a slapping card game. talked with people outside our rooms late. curfew is 11 but we were up until 12:30ish.......some of the guys stayed up all night and others til 4 am.

this morning we ate the same oatmeal. this time our alarm worked unlike yesterday. more questions and lessons and twi. for lunch we had some really good chicken and sauce and a big rice ball. we thought we were supposed to ear with our hands b/c there were no utensils. but they came out right after we had already dug in. it was way more fun to eat with our hands anyway!! today we get to meet our host families. I am so excited!!!

got picked up VERY last! had some fast food and met Fafa and Ben and Uncle Los. Haven't met my other family member yet though. i have a good felling i am going to love them!

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