Friday, August 1, 2008

Journal Entry Tues. 7/1/08

Ghanaian Independence Day

Fricken long 10ish hour plane ride! I tried to sleep, but didn't get much. watched the Bucket List. then got bored so I started a drawing. It was extended into trying to get everyone to draw a picture in my journal. We'll see how that goes.
Got to Accra all in one piece and with all my luggage too! when we got to our hostel we were assigned rooms and then had another breakfas. my roommate is also named Erin....because they did it alphabetically according to first names.
Breakfast= oatmeal: a bit salty and kind of funky flavor, but good w/ cream and sugar and Milo chocolate drink mix mixed in, bread: same old same old, fried egg: pretty much the same as home, but the yolks i think were mixed in

It rained before breakfast and lunch. Actually more like downpoured. we ran outside and got wet.
Lunch= yum! Rice: spiced orangish yummy; chicken: good, spiced greasy; cabbage salad?: like coleslaw; sauce- tad spicey but good
Then we chilled some more and took a trotro to AFS Ghana's new office where there was a party and new president elected. Great food; the shish kabobs were kinda too spicey for me but the egg roll was yummy and gooey. live band playing. we had to wait for the trotro to come back for us because we were the 2nd group and didn't all fit in the 1st one, so we arrived way later htan everyone else. unexpectedly, we all had a blast dancing to the music. the singer was a little short bald man and he came and danced with us. we all did a congo line and big circle mosh pit thing where everyone jumped in to do their own dance moves in the middle. it was quite hilarious! we got so sweaty! we were wearing our semi nice clothes too, so i might have to wash my blouse before i wear it to church! i was on the 2nd trotro back again and almost fell asleep in my chair. took a cold but refreshing shower back in my room and feel...refreshed! time for bed.

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