Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Host Family!!!!!!

Yay I finally got my host family!!!!! They are the Bannermans. Tina (mom), Ben (dad), Louisa (sister 17?), Ben (brother 15?), Patrick (brother 22?), Tracey (sister 18?). They say they like soccer and cricket and basketball so I think I will fit right in with the soccer there! And I am pretty lucky to have 2 siblings that are my age-ish. They have dogs too, which I like, and someone in the family plays the piano, which I used to do! We are oddly similar! Anyway, I am extremely excited to finally know who I will be staying with! I was a little worried for awhile that I would have to live with the program leaders or something. I have a good feeling that this trip is going to be awesome!

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