Thursday, June 26, 2008

2 Days!!!

So there are only 2 days left until I leave. I hope I have everything I am going to need. Everything is all in a pile on the floor of my room with my suitcase. I have no idea how it is all going to fit! i leave at 11:55 Saturday night. My friends have told me that they are coming to the airport dressed up in wierd costumes to see me off. Embarrassing? Yes, but I love them so I will just laugh along with it. I would probably do the same if it was one of them going away too.
Anyway. I have tried to call my host family, but have had no success. I have the country code right, but I guess the combination with their number is not working. And seeing as I have no idea what a typical phone number looks like for Ghana, it is hard to distinguish if part of it is an area code or actually part of the whole number. ARGH. I will try again tomorrow.

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Sara said...

It is molly(the greatest younger sister's bff ever) and sara(the greatest sister ever!) We are truly disappointed in you because you have picked oma to share your wonderful trip memories and not the best sister ever (and her bff.) So we need a prompt update on your prom and your host family. hurry!!!
Love, the best neopet owners ever!!
P.S. my neopet did not die of neomonia and i now have 48,000 neopoints! hooray!(molly says that)
I can show you how to make one when you get home because i know you are really jealous!