Monday, June 16, 2008

12 Days!!!!

As the title of this post gives away, there are only 12 days left until I leave for Ghana!!! Unfortunately I have not been told of my host family yet. I'm hoping that I hear from AFS really soon. I have met our 2 team leaders Robb Hale and Rebecca Messner. They seem pretty cool! I have also met a few of the 40! other students going on the trip. We have been sharing ideas and advice on Facebook, which has been quite helpful. I still haven't met about 3/4 of the people going with us though. Hopefully they will join our Facebook group. This week I have been shopping around quite a bit for things I need for the trip: a nice blouse for church, mosquito netting, sunscreen, an awesome soccer ball for the kids at the orphanage, malaria meds (ugh), light weight pants and a paper back Harry Potter for the kids to name a few. When I packed my suitcase last week with the clothes I figured I would need I surpisingly had a ton of room. Now.....I'm not so sure! Fortunately, a bunch of the stuff I am bringing is either for my host family or the kids at the orphanage or that I can leave behind. I can't wait to meet all of the other students coming with me! The ones I have met online seem really cool. That's all for now. More later.

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