Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Journal Entry Fri 7/18/08

So tonight we're going clubbing!!!! I am so excited! A bunch of us AFSers are going and so are Fafa and Patrick and his friend and a couple of other host siblings. I beleive we are going to a place called Cinderellas and its supposedly ladies night so girls get in free! Not exactly sure what to expect but I have a feeling it will be crazy!
Today we gave our presents to the Foster Home. It was much more organized than Peace and Love. We didn't work at all but I had fun playing Ampe with the girls. It's a game where you jump up and stick a foot out and depending on the foot combo you win or lose. Clapping is also involved. I am horrible at it! But I did get a good video and pictures. A bunch of kids asked for my email too so I might be getting a bunch of emails from random kids!

Journal Entry Thurs. 7/17/08

Lost my mango bet by the way, and then today Anne and a few other girls bought mangos for 20 peswas!!! ARgggghh!
Last day at Christ Faith Foster Home: Today we painted a lot. I still don't think it was quite finished but oh well. Before we got to Christ Faith today we stopped by Peace and Love to check up on our gifts and to see if my soccer ball ever turned up. It didn't. It makes me so angry that someone could steal/ lose a ball meant for the orphanage. It was the coolest and nicest feeling in the world going back there. All the kids in their classrooms ran to the windows and doors and were screaming and cheering they were so excited to see us again!! Everyone wante to stay and not have to go back to Frafraha. We feel like we could have made much more of an impact at Peace and Love if we had just been able to stay there for the 2 weeks. The kids could have used some more attention as well as the facilities and classrooms. We told AFS to just have the group stay at Peace and Love next year.

On a somewhat lighter note, Ben has been continuing his tricks. Last night he woke me up at like 2 am just to piss me off. I guess he did it the night before too but I didn't wake up. This time I did though and chased him out of my room and tackled him. If he keeps messing with me I might just have to do something drastic! Rob suggested taking pictures with his toothbrush in random gross places and not revealing them until I leave!! We'll see if I need to be that sever. And today he stole some of my cookies. I told him his punishment is that now he wont get any of the chocolate chip ones that I am making this weekend.
Tomorrow I am hoping to go clubbing. I need to check with Uncle Ben again to see if we can go. A bunch of the AFS people are going and Fafa and I would really like to go. It will be both of our first times! I am excited!